Nolostand S.p.A.  is committed to improving the current culture of transparency and legality, creating an open and constructive environment in which its employees, collaborators, shareholders, suppliers, customers and, more generally, all Stakeholders, can report, in good faith, any behaviour - commission or omission - carried out in Nolostand or in relations with it, that violates (or induces to violate) the applicable regulations, its policies and procedures, the principles and rules of conduct contained in the Code of Ethics and in provisions of Model 231 adopted by the Company, or which may cause economic damage to Nolostand itself.

When managing reports, Nolostand undertakes to respect the principles of confidentiality, proportionality and impartiality, to recognise the good faith of reporting persons and to guarantee their anonymity.

Furthermore, Nolostand does not tolerate any form of threat, retaliation or discrimination — actual or attempted — against the parties involved in the reports.

The whistleblowing platform can be found at the following link:

For any other information, please refer to the Whistleblowing Procedure, available at this link